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What is Maneki-Neko. Literary translation from Japanese means beckoning cat. The tradition appeared in the 17th century in Japan. And since then you can see the Maneki-Neko all around the world. This charming figurine can be seen at the entrance to the restaurant, hotel, shop or any other business. Surprisingly the tradition didn't die in the 21st century. On the other hand you can see now so many different variations of Lucky cats! They can differ not only in color but also in a material used and sometimes its form.

Traditional Maneki-Neko has some accessories - on the neck you can see a bell, to hear its whereabouts. Some of the more expensive ones are decorated with the pearl necklace. Or golden coin as the symbol of financial success. A carp, a koi, is a traditional good luck symbol. Some Maneki-Nekos can have them in their paws. A gem in paws means wisdom. Fan brings luck in business.

Now the other question is which color to choose?

Calico (3 color cats) -  Traditional color combination, considered to be the luckiest

White – Happiness and purity

Gold – Wealth and prosperity

Black – Wards off evil spirits

Red – Protection against evil

Green – Good health

Pink – attracts love and romance


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